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Psychosomatics 26: 394-402, 1985Copyright © 1985 Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

Organic manic disorders CHRIS STASIEK M.A.1, and MARK ZETIN M.D.1

From the department of psychiatry and human behavior of the University of California, Irvine
Using specified criteria, Krauthammer and Klerman's review of the literature for causes for manic symptoms found cases of secondary mania owing to drugs, infection, neoplasm, epilepsy, and metabolic disturbances. We reviewed publications subsequent to their 1978 report for additional cases of secondary mania occurring in the absence of delirium and of prior affective illness. Our review reemphasizes the importance of the medical and neurologic history and examination, of a medication history, and of appropriate laboratory studies (electrolytes, thyroid function, syphilis serology) in evaluating manic patients for underlying medical conditions. Attention to the diagnosis of secondary mania is especially important in patients presenting with a first episode in later life and with a negative family history for mania.

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